The FishTrack-Direct project received award from the Innovation competition by the Fisheries Conference 2013 

The FishTrack-Direct project involves development of a service for fishery and fish research in Iceland in order to increase the yield of fishery and studies on species/stocks where the fish utilize vast sea areas. The service will be based on tagging fish of species/stocks of interest with pop-up satellite tags . The fish from the groups tagged are monitored via satellites ‚Äědirectly‚Äú and the geographical information distributed to the fish vessels and scientists using the service.

The Fisheries Conference Innovation competition 2013 awarded three innovation propopals that are likely to improve Icelandic fisheries.  One of them was the mentioned FishTrack-Direct service that was put forward by Johannes Sturlaugsson at Laxfiskar.  The photo below shows the people that were awarded 21st of November during the first day of the Fisheries Conference 2013.

The FishTrack-Direct was introduced at the Fisheries Conference 2013 and the PowerPoint part of that presentation is shown here

       sjavarutvegsradstefnan - verdlaunahafar framurstefnuhugmyndasamkeppni 2013

Photo showing the prize winners that received the Innovation awards of the Fisheries Conference 2013.  From left Hjalmar Sigurthorsson from TM Insurance that presented the award, Johannes Sturlaugsson at Laxfiskar, Kai Logeman at the University of Iceland, Sigmar Gu√įbjornsson Star-Oddi and Gudrun Marteinsdottir at the University of Iceland.  Sigmar Gu√įbjornsson received the first prize for proposed fish selector for bottom trawls, second prize received Gudrun Marteinsdottir og Kai Logemann at University of Iceland for proposed information system for sailors and other seafarers and third prize was received by Johannes Sturlaugsson for proposed fish tracking service for the fishery and researchers.

Further information on the Innovation award of the Fisheries Conference 2013 can be found on their web site, see here and in the conference issue, see here 

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